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Read this question from one of my favorite psychic message boards:

“I've been seeing a psychic in my area for over a decade. I started to see her when I was looking for incense and noticed a sign at the back of a store that mentioned psychic readings. The first psychic reading I had was interesting and so every now and then I would go by and see my psychic. Some time had gone by since my last visit and when I went to look for her last month the store was closed down. Now I am looking for a replacement psychic and decided to get a psychic reading online. I wasn't very happy with the results, and the psychic I talked to didn't seem to connect with me like my old psychic did. I want to find a great psychic reader that I can trust, and so I am wondering who does the best psychic readings online?”

Here is my reply…

“Hi ######!

This is a great question!

I remember going through the same thing a few years ago, when the psychic reader I was used to calling passed away. It was very sad and I felt the loss for a while. I still miss her, but that is what made me go in search of a new psychic.

I don’t know which psychic website you used, but the first one I tried was Psychic Source. They are one of the first websites that are listed when you look for psychics on the internet. I don’t know if you would like them or not because they give psychic readings by phone. One of the newest psychic websites is Oranum and they have video psychics to talk to if you like the face to face feeling. If you just want to get some more information about something you are going through, I like to get astrological reports from and tarot card readings from

I see commercials for California Psychics all the time and then there is also Keen, which are both websites with psychic readings. I haven’t tried out many of the psychics on these websites because there are just too many to choose from… I got information overload! This is one of the reasons that my favorite psychic website is Oracle Avenue. They have a handful of quality psychics who have passed a screening process and become certified. Only a few psychics online have been certified by Oracle Avenue, and I have a few favorite psychics on that website like Natasha Rose and Saqi.

The truth is that the best psychic for you can be anyone, but I think it’s just a matter of following your intuition like you did when you met your first psychic.

Good luck and keep us posted!”

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