Are psychic moves special or physical?

Before the changes in Generation IV, all Psychic-type damaging moves were special, but now they can also be physical depending on the attack. What differentiates Psychic Attack from other Psychic-type moves with similar stats is that it uses the opponent's Defense rating, rather than Special Defense, to determine damage. This is very useful since most psychic attack moves are special attacks rather than physical ones. When used in conjunction with a powerful special attack (such as Psybeam), it makes a psychic-type Pokémon formidable against almost any opponent.

Physical attacks deal damage based on the attacking Pokémon's attack stat and the defending Pokémon's defense stat. The most damaging moves of the Normal, Fight, Flight, Earth, Rock, Bug, Ghost, and Poison types are physical attacks. In early Pokémon games, psychic moves were very popular; this was because only Error Pokémon were strong against Psychic-type Pokémon, and they didn't have very powerful attacks. The main reason why it is considered one of the best psychic moves is that it has a 10% chance of freezing the opponent.

This is the most powerful psychic move that doesn't require a condition to be met or the user to sacrifice a turn. In a Double Battle, the Psychic can target any Pokémon around the user; in a Triple Battle, the Psychic can only target a Pokémon adjacent to the user. The side effect of Psychic Fangs is that it can bring down the Light Screen and Reflect protective barriers. For the most part, harmful psychic movements have quite good accuracy ratings, which makes them very reliable.

This means that a list of the best that is limited to only fifteen entries will leave out many very powerful psychic moves. The most recent Pokémon games have corrected this by making Psychic Pokémon weak against the Dark and Ghost types, and by giving the Bug type some more damaging attacks. Future Vision is all about seeing two steps ahead of the opponent, which is what makes psychic powers so great in the first place. It is one of the few psychic attacks that is a physical attack, rather than special, so it uses the opponent's defense instead of the special defense.

This allows the Pokémon that uses Psychic Fangs to deal a decent amount of damage and remove the opponent's protections in one turn. Extrasensory is a fantastic standard psychic attack to weaken an opposing Pokémon for a follow-up knockout move.

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