Is psychic a good pokémon?

Psychics are some of the strongest Pokémon in games. These are the best of the best. While it's fun to create lists of Pokémon that players don't usually use or don't consider themselves to be the strongest, sometimes the best strategy is to go for full power. Because of his supernatural abilities and superior intelligence, Psychic is the most common type among the rare and powerful Legendary Pokémon.

That said, the best psychic-type Pokémon include a good mix of legendary and non-legendary thanks to their unique attributes and roles in battle. The world of Pokémon is full of all kinds of colorful creatures, but some of the most powerful are those that handle Psychic-type movements. These Are The 10 Best Psychic Pokémon Every Trainer Should Have On Their Team. Psychic-type Pokémon offer a variety of mind-blowing attacks that can destroy your opponents on the battlefield.

From iconic legendary creatures like Mewtwo to the instantly recognizable Alakazam evolution line, there are plenty of psychic 'mon' to choose from. However, you will need to use the best psychic types if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your opponents. While not all telekinetic monsters are worth using, these 15 best psychic-type Pokémon will give you the tools you need to take control of the battlefield. Whether you want to add the most powerful creatures to your team or just want to win more games, our detailed list has you covered.

Consider using the Assault Vest item to increase Slow's special defense (1.5 times) and changing it to activate healing for the Regenerator ability. His incredible speed (120) allows Alakazam to attack first and deal huge amounts of damage with his special attack (13). Unfortunately, the Generation 1 Pokémon doesn't make it into the top five thanks to its lacklustre Defense (4) and HP (5) stats. Deoxys gives up any form of defense and instead focuses on its lethal attack stats.

The Psychic Pokémon has a staggering 150 points in its Attack, Special Attack and Speed stats. However, these statistics spread a little more evenly when opting for your Speed Forme. In fact, this Psychic type has the second highest speed stat (180) of all Pokémon, giving soft damage dealers a chance to KO. If that weren't enough, the legendary tank has a stat of 106 hitpoints and an astonishing 154 special defense.

Combine it with healing moves like Roost and Leftovers' PS recovery, and you'll have a Pokémon that never leaves the battlefield. Whether you're tired of meta sweepers that OHKO your party or you just want a Psychic Pokémon that can have lots of hits, then Lugia is the perfect choice. Consider combining this Pokémon with the Choice Specs item, as this will add 1.5 times more damage to Lunala's special attack. While you will only be able to use the first move executed, it will be more than enough to knock out most of the opposing Pokémon.

Mewtwo is known for its ultra-fast speed (130) and its high special attack stat (15), which makes it capable of sweeping most of the target Pokémon. After all, being able to outperform your opponent is incredibly important, especially if you want to knock him out before he can react. As if that weren't enough, Mewtwo has great coverage of movements and can learn a variety of attacks that can be very effective against all types of Pokémon. These range from Ice Beam, Moonblast, Bolt strike, Focus Blast and Psychic.

Of course, you can't go wrong with this man-made Pokémon. There you have it, 15 of the best psychic-type Pokémon you should use. Be sure to visit our Pokémon page for the latest news and updates. As with our other lists of the best water Pokémon, the best fire Pokémon, and the best dragon Pokémon, each evolutionary line can only be represented by an individual form.

If Alakazam passes the cut, Abra and Kadabra are disqualified by default. This is to make the ranking as diverse and complete as possible, while avoiding the jokes of Abracadabra, Alakazam. Originally introduced to the series in Gen 1, Starmie has fallen by the wayside in recent years for no reason whatsoever. He was the ace of Misty in Kanto, enjoying an important role in both games and anime, and he has an excellent distribution of statistics for a psychic sweeper, with an impressive speed and special attack of 115 and 100, respectively.

However, the real reason Starmie is here is because of its historical origin as Death Starmie, an infuriating construction that comprises Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Recover and Surf; it doesn't even need a psychic move to be considered one of the best psychic types of all time. While Ponyta's first appearance in the series was in red %26 blue, it never managed to establish itself as a particularly loved or memorable Pokémon in the long run, even its evolved form, Rapidash, barely earned an honorable mention on our list of the best Fire Pokémon. Fortunately, Galarian Ponyta replaces his fire typography with a psychic and abandons his fiery mane for a fairy fur. It is such a huge improvement from its original form that it is arguably the best regional variant to date along with the Alola marowak.

The only caveat from Galarian Ponyta is that you can't evolve at all into Rapidash Galarian, which, yes, is stronger and partly fairy, but it doesn't look so good either. Once you have an Everstone equipped, Galarian Ponyta is in a comfortable ninth place on our list of the top ten Psychic Pokémon. Not bad for a horse Pokémon whose name is 67% 'pony'. Jirachi has a lot going for it: it looks great, it has incredible stats, it learns a variety of powerful moves and is a genuine mythical Pokémon, to scream out loud.

If this were a list of our personal favorites, instead of the best Psychic Pokémon target, it would definitely be in the top five. But despite how brilliant Jirachi is, it is held back by the lack of availability (at least up to Brilliant Diamond %26 Brilliant Pearl) and, unfortunately, the fact that other monks have had a much greater impact on the series as a whole. Ever since Wally caught Ralts east of Petalburg in Ruby%26 Sapphire, the Gardevoir family has enjoyed immense popularity near the forefront of Pokémon in general. It has been featured in New Pokémon Snap, Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Unite, and more, all contributing to its continued revered as one of the best Pokémon of generation 3 today.

Gardevoir itself is an excellent special attacker that also works as a 'mon support, blocking incoming special attacks while being able to safely shake movements like Desire, Reflection and Light Screen. While it doesn't have as much use now as it did in the past, smart players will always be able to find a sneaky way to make it work on any goal. Another third-generation Pokémon, Metagross, barely surpasses its companion Hoenn because a) steel is cooler than the fairy, b) Steven's Metagross is tough, and c) just look at this guy. It has four legs, all steel and muscular, and a huge X on its head that looks like a mix between angry eyebrows and a silver beard (in this case gold, because Steven's is shiny).

What the hell is this boy? Metagross has a brilliantly unique aesthetic, an excellent MegaEvolution, formidable and varied statistics, a stellar defensive typography if you know how to get around weaknesses and a sick group of movements. Yes, it evolves to a stupidly late level, just like iconic monks like Tyranitar and Dragonite, and it's true, it kicks it anything with access to STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Earthquake. Even so, Metagross could also be called Meta-boss. You heard it here first, folks.

One of the two Eeveelutions introduced in Gen 2, Espeon is among the most famous psychic Pokémon ever designed. While evolving used to be a little annoying, it's a lot easier to come by these days, and even though he's doing pretty badly in competitive play, he's an extremely solid psychic type for any PvE team. We have always been fascinated that Espeon specifically has been so well remembered. While we placed Vaporeon third on our list of the best Water Pokémon, and Umbreon, also a native of Johto of Espeon, is Eeveelution's top pick for any Pokémon perimeter lord, he is in the middle of the pack when it comes to the various evolved forms of Eevee.

Along with Vaporeon and Umbreon, Jolteon and Sylveon are immensely popular, while Leafeon and Glaceon are often ignored. Espeon is in that strange place next to Flareon, great, but not quite level S. Even so, Eeveelutions tend to be much better designed than most regular Pokémon, so it's no wonder that Espeon, which for many people isn't even in the top three adult Eevee, is the fifth best Psychic Pokémon of all time. Just look at that smug little face.

No list of psychic Pokémon would be complete without the original spoonman itself; there's a reason we often call our Abra 'Cornell' after catching one. From major appearances in Red %26 Blue as part of your rival's champion team to outstanding roles in anime and movies, Alakazam has always been an important part of Pokémon. Despite how frustrating it can be to get an Alakazam, you need to trade with Kadabra, which isn't always something you can do, the hassle is always worth it in the end. It has monstrous speed and special attack, as well as access to an absurd amount of forceful moves.

Yes, it's a bit like a crystal cannon, but if you play your cards right you shouldn't get hit by your opponents at all, at least in PvE. In addition, Mega Alakazam has a phenomenal beard. There is nothing better than a phenomenal beard. Not to mention his pivotal role in the first Pokémon movie or how excellent his appearance at the end of New Pokémon Snap is.

We could sing praises to Mew forever; the problem is that we could sing praises to two other Pokémon for a longer time. Released in the third generation, Latios is a great psychic dragon Pokémon. They are powerful enough in their normal form, but with the ability to evolve into Mega Latios, they can become one of the most powerful psychic Pokémon in the game. In addition, they change color to purple, which is much better than blue.

That's what we call win-win in the business, bucko. An introduction to generation six, Hoopa is tucked into her jewels. They have lots of gold hoops that they wear, hence the name, but I can't help but think that they are bracelets and earrings. Anyway, Hoopa looks pretty cold on paper, but then there's Unbound Hoopa, a scary looking thing that probably says in a garish voice: “Don't be afraid.

Either way, they hit hard, especially when they're in untied form. Any form of Abra is great, but Alakazam is the final form, and the one I like the most (and it is also capable of something other than teleporting). They double spoons, and they're based on Uri Geller (see this news article from the time he sued them, then this crazy response when he lifted the ban twenty years later). Anyway, apart from Uri, Alakazam looks great and powerful, which makes it the perfect combination.

Reuniclus is a very unusual Psychic Pokémon. While most types of psychics usually have weak defense and mediocre HP, Reuniclus can take a hit with his 75 defense and 105 health points. Even better is the basic Reuniclus 125 Special Attack stat and access to a variety of special moves. Reuniclus receives attacks such as Psyshock and Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt and many others.

And if its snail rhythm (35-speed statistic) bothers you, you can also use Trick Room to change things up. Gardevoir is a classic Psychic Pokémon, with high special attack and special defense, decent speed and everything else. After generation 6, Gardevoir acquired a dual typing Fairy. And it's one of the best things that could have happened because it gives Gardevoir a measure of resistance to dark guys and attacks like Pursuit.

It also means that Gardevoir receives the powerful Dazzling Shine added to his repertoire, along with Draining Kiss to help restore health and do some damage. Gardevoir may be a one-trick pony like many of its kind, but it's still one of the best psychic-type Pokémon out there. However, also learn Fake Tears. False Tears reduces the enemy's special defense, which means that Espeon can really go to town with him.

The only downside here is Espeon's lack of recovery movement, since Morning Sun is almost useless. But that's mostly a problem if you play by a specific set of rules. Where Reuniclus stands out for being strong, Gothitelle stands out for being rare. It's rather a defense-focused Pokémon, which is definitely unusual for typing.

Its defense is 95, the special defense is 110, and HP, although it does not stand out, it is decent enough. Gothitelle's special attack is a moderate 95%, but what makes Gothitelle more interesting about Reuniclus is that she can learn Dark Pulse. That means that Gothitelle is a force to be reckoned with if you send her against ghosts or other types of psychics, making Gothitelle an excellent choice for a surprise Pokémon. Musharna is one of the best psychic-type Pokémon if you're looking for a support Pokémon.

It serves very well as a normal psychic creature, with a good special attack and special defense. But it's movements like Wish, Moonlight and Future Sight that make Musharna stand out, along with the usual ones like Dazzling Gleam and Psychic. Psychic Pokémon are the best against fighting types. Psychic moves will double the damage against these two types, making psychic Pokémon great against Machamp, Lucario, Victreebel and others.

For players who want a Psychic Pokémon focused on offense, Fire is a good place to look for secondary types. Fire is traditionally a very aggressive type, with little or no interest in non-attacking movements. In addition, the Burn status condition halves the opponent's attack, making it also work defensively. Most Eevee-lutions are among the best of their respective kind, and Espeon is no different as one of the best psychic-type Pokémon.

Although many psychic Pokémon are powerful special attackers, Gothitelle naturally leans more towards a supporting role with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Generation II significantly knocked down Psychic with the introduction of the Steel type, which resisted the Psychic, and the Dark Type, who was immune to the Psychic and also super-effective against him. Known for their intelligent minds and methodical approaches, they choose to use their powerful psychic powers instead of fighting with their fists to gain both offensive and defensive advantage. It has a great speed stat and a high special attack, allowing you to use the special psychic moves it has for a devastating effect.

The psychic can be used very effectively as a defensive type, which combines well with the best defensive type in the game. Choosing the top three Psychic Pokémon has been unexpectedly difficult due to the fact that, in reality, all three are almost as bright. . .

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