What are psychic attacks strong against?

Psychic attacks are most effective against Fighting Pokémon and Poison. They are only weak against Psychic Pokémon. They use their mental power to attack, so many tend to have high special stats and weak physical stats. In particular, every psychic attack introduced before the fourth generation was still a special attack, physical psychic attacks were only introduced from the fourth generation.

When entering into battle against Psychic-type Pokémon, it's worth knowing what their weaknesses are. Psychics are weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokémon. Dark types are especially useful, since they are immune to psychic movements. Battle Pokémon are strong against Dark, Cold, Normal, Stone and Steel, but weak against Commissions, Flyers, and Psychics.

Psychic is excellent at eliminating poisons, but Poison is very effective against Fairy and limits the use of Gardevoir in these cases (just as Venom is not particularly useful in meta at the moment). This is NOT weak for a psychic, but this belief started because the only ghosts at that time (Gengar line) were part of the poison, and the poison is weak for the psychic. Psychic damage is not elemental, but Psychic-type Pokémon can also use elemental moves along with their psychic moves. Dark guys are immune to psychic attacks and dark attacks (biting, breaking, chasing) are very effective against psychics.

As with games, psychic Pokémon in TCG are generally weak and lack stamina compared to other psychic Pokémon Weakness in mind Steel and psychic type Weakness Weakness are immune to attacks of psychological weakness. The dark type was introduced in Generation II along with the steel type to counteract the psychic type, making it immune to psychic attacks. Psychic weaknesses in TCG are usually weaker than other psychic weaknesses and lack resistance, just like in games. In addition, a bug in the game meant that Ghosttype's moves did not affect Psychic (although they only affected low-powered Lick).

Grass (even Diamond and Pearl), Struggle and Psychic Weakness are vulnerable to Psychological Weakness, while colorless, dark and metallic Weakness are resistant. However, it is highly unlikely that Psychic Fangs will receive a STAB (Attack Bonus of the same type) since only 4 Psycho Pokems (with Silvally) can learn this move. Dark-type attacks are very effective at dealing damage to psychic and ghost-type Pokémon and are not very effective against hunters, fairies, and other dark types. Psystrike is a powerful attack with a base attack power of 100 that attacks the target with a psychic wave.

The fraction of damage that will be inflicted by a psychic-type move is shown: ½ means 50% damage (not very effective), 2 means 200% (super effective), etc.

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