What does connect to source mean?

When you follow the process of realizing the source, things develop on their own. You don't have to make an effort to connect with the source, but simply observe and notice that the spiritual energy is moving towards the source. When we begin to cleanse our chakras and aura (through healing), our receiving power increases, allowing more ULFE to enter the body. This promotes healing of the body and also increases self-awareness.

I use “The Source” to refer to a place where all the healing and creative ideas and energies ultimately come from. It is not a physical place but a place in consciousness, one where we can take advantage of the essence of the life force itself. This vital force, also called the energy source, flows through all things and connects them. Everything that exists is a manifestation of this vital energy.

By being more attuned to and working with this goldmine of consciousness, we can make our lives miraculous beyond what we can imagine. When I finally started to create space in my day and mind, I finally started to connect with that beautiful source of energy. You don't necessarily need a living teacher, but the wise words of the enlightened being can help you connect you to the source. But how many of us notice this on the watch? Personally, I only notice angel numbers on the clock somewhere else when I'm connected.

Understanding the source removes all of your ego or individual identity that you have developed over time. Everything happens on its own, and its interference can only delay the process, to experience the source. First thing in the morning, nothing bothers you, on the contrary, the silence of the morning helps you get closer to the source. I also believe that part of your raison d'être is not only to experience being a real living human being, but also to remember that you are a source.

Even external energy serves to elevate you higher if you consciously choose to connect with the source. On the other hand, the intelligence of the heart is nourished by complexity and nuances, by connectivity with deep ancestral roots. Before you experience the source and connect with the source, your body and mind must be prepared to meet the source. It is important to maintain, harbor and trust the connection established for the energy source to maintain this loving relationship with the spirit vibrant and alive.

I have found a kind of broadband connectivity of the spirit, which can address any problem, to link me to what I have slowly come to know as “The Source. This practice can unify the imaginary separation of body, mind and nature and animate the energy source to offer guidance.

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