What does source mean spiritually?

I use “The Source” to refer to a place where all healing and creative ideas and energies ultimately come from. It is not a physical place, but a place in consciousness, where we can take advantage of the essence of the life force itself. This life force, also called the energy source, flows through all things and connects them. It is an energy field that runs through everything like a life force.

The source can be considered as a continuous and infinite ocean of energy that includes everything that exists, and always is and always was. The source is an experience, but the eternal experience. All other life experiences fade over time, but the experience of the source remains forever. Your life transcends forever with the understanding of the source.

You see the same world with a different perception. I like the Sufi expression: “Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your heart completely open to God”. Work is a wonderful place to practice this expression. It is through work that we feel more rooted in the physical world, but we often feel more disconnected from our spiritual life.

This is where we most need to reconnect with the Source of our being. For example, we have good reason to think that the universe does not emanate from God, because if it did it would be eternal, as God (as the cause of the universe) has existed eternally. Our better scientific understanding of the universe points to the fact that it had a definite beginning a finite time ago (approximately 13.4 billion years ago), meaning that God initiated the creation of the universe a finite time ago, rather than the universe being a necessary emanation from this eternal source. Source, on the other hand, is a word that only implies the creator of the universe.

Since the word “source” means “one thing from which something else comes from, the source of our universe could hypothetically be a transcendent computer, a mad scientist in a laboratory, a level in a virtual computer game, a dream in the mind of someone in another universe, an extraterrestrial from a higher dimension, a quantum fluctuation, or even Satan himself and the word “Source” would be equally accurate. The problem with calling God in the same way as Source is that the very definition of “God” implies a supreme being of infinite perfection and maximum greatness, where “Source” does not even imply a being at all. It only refers to a general “source” that is responsible for the existence of the universe, which, as mentioned above, is totally ambiguous and can be applied to a variety of potential sources. Unlike the rich concept of God morally, spiritually and metaphysically, the word “Source” is empty and inherently vague.

Using God interchangeably with the Source is already a mistake, because God refers to a transcendent morally perfect being with certain intrinsic properties, and the Source refers only to a generic “thing” that the universe produced. In fact, many definitions of “Source” are compatible with an atheistic worldview (as we'll explore more in a moment). While God's properties are contained in the same word, there are literally no properties contained within the “source” except for the fact that it produced a single effect. This is problematic, especially when so many people claim to contact the Source.

Because the word “source” does not have a precise meaning, everyone has a different definition of it. You can ask 100 New Age gurus and teachers to define the source and you'll get some answers that think the Source is outside the universe and some think it's the collective whole of everything within the universe. Some think it's pure consciousness, and others think it's a Universal Energy that flows through the cosmos. Some think that it is an impersonal Intelligence Field on a fundamental level of reality, and others think it is a “Spirit who wanted to know himself through separation”.

Some say that the Source is a divine sound, and others say that the Source is a divine principle. Some say that the Source is a vibrating energy field from which the universe emerged, and others say that the Source is a spirit that freely wanted to create the universe. Some say that the Source is the Void, and others say that the Source is the Whole. Some say that the Source is the Now, and others say that it is the space in which life develops.

For example, Source cannot simply be “All that is” or the collection of everything in the universe, because cosmology tells us that there was a time when nothing existed. If the Source is only the collective of the universe or a collective of all conscious minds, then it is not possible for the Source to exist apart from the universe. If it can't exist independently of the universe, then it didn't exist before the universe existed, which is absurd because then the Source wouldn't even have been present to create the universe in the first place. Therefore, the source of the universe must transcend the physical universe.

Or sometimes people say things like: “The source is everything and nothing at the same time. It is the Whole, and it is the Void, which is metaphysically impossible and is a contradiction of its own, but that the New Age uses it to point to a mystical and indescribable substance that transcends reason itself and you can't even talk about it. This is another contradiction of its own because by saying that it is indescribable, you are attributing a property to it. And for it to be even indescribable, “that” has to exist in the first place.

In addition, the Source cannot be indescribable, nothing or a void if it caused the universe to be born. It has to be something that actually exists and that has causal powers to produce an effect. So what is Source? Is the Source a spirit without a body, pure consciousness, a personal mind with free will, a universal mind, an impersonal quantum field, a collective whole, a frequency, a transcendent energy field, an abstract creative principle, a void or a divine sound? There is no clear way in which “Source” is defined in the New Age. We could go on and on, but as we can see, the concept and nature of God are nowhere near similar to the concept and nature of the Source.

They are two totally different ideas that have almost nothing in relation to each other. To call God “source” is to express a totally different concept that actually has nothing to do with the idea of God in any way, form or form. Are they fair or involve the same things. One is a transcendent being of maximum greatness, the other is not.

People who claim that God and “Source” are the same things have a different way of claiming the experience of God. For example, some say that “conscience is God” because it is the fabric of which the universe is made. This “field of consciousness” is fundamental to the universe, just as matter, space, time and energy are fundamental. According to some theoretical physicists, consciousness is the basis of being.

It is the most basic and deepest level of nature, and we can experience this field (and therefore God) through meditation. Let's take this idea and apply it to other common ideas and experiences that people claim to have of God as “Source. These experiences, combined with the idea or concept that I was experiencing God, convinced me that I was really experiencing the Creator of the universe. I would call God the 'Universe' and the 'Source', and I really believed I was spending time with God in nature.

But the problem was that it bore some good fruit in my life. I would connect with “Fountain in nature” and then smoke a cigarette and swear to my parents. I lived without God, I had no concept of holiness or justice, I was obsessed with my desires and, in fact, I justified them all based on my experiences of “Source. Now I realize that I never knew who God was.

I had no idea what sin or justice was. I was bitter, full of lust and I felt totally lost. I didn't know who or what I was talking about. I used to think that God was a universal Source that everyone experienced in their own way, and that I could “access God regardless of my beliefs or moral behaviors by entering an altered state of consciousness.”.

I will try to make sense of Jesus, God and everything else in future articles and videos, but whether or not you believe in my experience, the main thing you should learn from this is to ask yourself who or what you are really connecting with when you say “Source. Does this experience of the fountain bear good fruit in your spirit? Do the experiences you have require or imply the existence of a transcendent Creator, or do they also apply in an atheistic universe where God does not exist? Does this “Source” have a moral nature and a purpose for your life? Are we equating the experience of God with a state of consciousness, clear conscience, or mental stillness? In conclusion, “Source” is a completely different word and concept from those of God. All it implies is that it is something that the universe produced. The word “Source” can even be applied to an atheistic universe.

They are, according to their definitions, totally separate ideas. In addition, the experience of “Fuente” is always described in ways that don't even require us to live in a theistic universe. Experiences don't require anything divine or transcendent and are as true as they are real in a world where God doesn't really exist. I know this because I was an evil person for years, but I thought I was experiencing God or “Source” every day through mindfulness and meditation, and I know that from the personal revelations I have now.

Although it is not physical, you can think of the Source as a machine or apparatus that houses all the universes within Manifest Creation. It is through ideation, creation and participation within these constructs that knowledge returns to the Source, and through which the Source expands and grows. Source: Consciousness: The One exists in a constant and continuous state of EXPANSION of its CONSCIOUSNESS. These sub-levels of Source consciousness, which are still the Source, create their own constructs.

The source is the highest possible frequency of consciousness; the Source is by no means perfect or complete; it is in continuous search for experiences in which it can expand its consciousness. She has a deep personal commitment to spiritual growth and continuous awakening, and she always strives to support you in every possible way to find creative ways to connect the soul to the source. You don't have to make an effort to connect with the source, but simply observe and notice that the spiritual energy is moving towards the source. You don't necessarily need a living teacher, but also the wise words of the enlightened being can help you connect you to the source.

It is the aspect of the Source that connects your physical human form with the larger, ephemeral and more energetic field that is everything. First thing in the morning, nothing bothers you, on the contrary, the silence of the morning helps you get closer to the source. . .

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