What does the source mean in spirituality?

I use “The Source” to refer to a place where all the healing and creative ideas and energies ultimately come from. It is not a physical place but a place in consciousness, one where we can take advantage of the essence of the life force itself. This vital force, also called the energy source, flows through all things and connects them. It is an energy field that goes through everything like a life force.

The source can be considered as a continuous and infinite ocean of energy that includes everything that exists, and always is and always was. The source is an experience, but the eternal experience. All other experiences in life fade over time, but the experience of the source remains forever. Your life transcends forever with the understanding of the source.

You see the same world with a different perception. I like the Sufi expression: “Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your heart completely open to God.” Work is a wonderful place to practice this expression. It is through work that we feel more rooted in the physical world, but we often feel more disconnected from our spiritual life. This is where we most need to reconnect with the Source of our being.

Consciousness occurs when the soul becomes aware of reconnecting with its higher self, the spirit, and longs to merge with the source. Because she is involved in this continuous explosion of expansion and reintegration and the return to Oneness Source she has AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE since the creation of all her Matrix designs. It is through ideation, creation and participation within these constructs that knowledge returns to the Source and through which the Source expands and grows. Everything happens on its own, and its interference can only delay the process, to experience the source.

When a new body is formed or conceived, a part of this Source or white light is released from it and placed within the physical form. Understanding the source removes all of your ego or individual identity that you have developed over time. The soul yearns and invigorates the being to ACT to awaken the spirit, its anchor, and bring it back to its source. It is the aspect of the Source that connects your physical human form with the larger, ephemeral and more energetic field that is everything.

To understand the Source, the Spirit and the Soul, consider the idea of the Source as the whole and the Spirit and the Soul as aspects or parts of the Source. Before you experience the source and connect with the source, your body and mind must be prepared to meet the source. These sub-levels of Source consciousness that remain the Source create their own constructs. You don't necessarily need a living teacher, but the wise words of the enlightened being can help you connect you to the source.

The source is a MULTILEVEL AND MULTITHREADED COMPOSITE CONSCIOUSNESS and is structured as a branched tree. In your self-awareness of the Source, you have a visceral and intricate understanding of all great design, you become the design itself, consciously manifesting your loving creation.

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