What is psychic resistant to?

Miracle Eye (movement) · Zen headbutt (movement) · Heart seal (movement). Its main strength is against the Fighting type. Psychic has a natural resistance against fighting, and fighting is incredibly weak for the psychic. Psychic also resists its own kind, and psychic attacks hit incredibly well against Poison.

When entering into battle against Psychic-type Pokémon, it's worth knowing what their weaknesses are. Psychics are weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokémon. Dark types are especially useful, since they are immune to psychic movements. Use a Dark-type Pokémon to take zero damage from an opponent's psychic-type attacks.

Psychic-type Pokémon are weak against three things: Bug, Ghost, and Dark Pokémon. Therefore, if the player is going to enter a battle against Team Rocket leaders in Pokémon GO, they may have had to defeat Gardevoir. Poison-type Pokémon are also vulnerable to psychic movement, so you might leave them inside the Pokeball when you're in battle. Of course, this also means that it makes little sense to bring a Psychic Pokémon to fight another Psychic Pokémon.

Starting with Generation 6, there are 75 official Psychic-type Pokémon, making it the fifth most common type, and also slipping it into a category of rare types. The best opponents to this hard-to-beat Pokémon (and other psychic types) are Mega Gengar, Shadow Metagross, Metagross (and other types of rock), Mega Beedrill (paralysis), Shadow Mewtwo and Dialga, which have a good defense against psychic moves like Psyshock. Fighting psychic Pokémon can be difficult because many of them are legendary Pokémon or hit with the same force. Psychics are supposed to be weak against ghost attacks, but wrongly, psychics were immune to them.

The types of Pure Psychic, that is, a Pokémon just by typing Psychic and nothing else, have three weaknesses and two resistances. However, psychic Pokémon have their perks, and they use their mental powers to destroy the challenger, making them strong opponents during battles. All in all, knowing that while psychic Pokémon are among the strongest of these creatures, like other Pokémon, they have their weaknesses. Since many Weed Pokémon were also Poison type, it wasn't a good idea to use Weed against Psychics either.

In addition, a bug in the game meant that Ghost-type moves had no effect on Psychic (although this only affected the low-powered Lick). So if a trainer is going to fight Metagross, for example, you'd better leave any Psychic Pokémon on the Pokedex. A psychic-type Pokémon is any Pokémon that specializes in certain moves that use psychic themes to damage or inflict status effects on an opponent. Since at that time, the only types of Ghost were also part Venom, and the only other weakness of Psychic, Bug, was incredibly weak in itself, the Psychic type was incredibly dominated.

Psychic damage is not elemental, but Psychic-type Pokémon can also use elemental moves along with their psychic moves. Psychic types are weak against insect, ghost and dark types, and are resistant to fighting types and other types of psychics.

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