What is source energy god?

We can call this source of energy a spirit, God, a higher power, or the universe, but it is definitely a life-giving current that we can feel in our bones. Some may experience it as a vibration, others as a stillness, others as a presence. Others may simply feel fully awake and connected. Holly Hughes, an energy healer based in Matthews, describes the energy source as an external source of God, goddess, divine, universe, etc.

These sources of higher power vary and can resonate differently in individuals, Hughes explains. There are no two people, their experiences or beliefs are identical, so it is important to keep this in mind as one gradually enters the world of healing practices. Intuitive healers listen deeply to receive guidance from these external sources on what we may need to remove blockages, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual for optimal healing. The source can be considered as a continuous and infinite ocean of energy that includes everything that exists, and always is and always was.

If there are currently twenty-seven dimensions of consciousness created by the Source, then there is nothing to prevent the Source from deciding to forget again and create another kingdom of oblivion. The Source is the accumulation of all experience from all its parts, and NOTHING can exist outside the Source. If you can witness whatever is happening, from a flat tire in a car or the death of a loved one, then you can breathe in the emotions, let them flow through you instead of bottling them, and then, when the storm has passed, you can reconnect with Source Energy quickly and return to your natural state of life. happiness and peace.

Peter Levine's “Somatic Experimentation”, a method that I incorporate into targeting, which transforms the energy of trauma in the body into source energy. Based on the truth of John 14 and my Source as a Christian, I have always translated this greeting to mean: “The light of the Holy Spirit in me honors the light of the Holy Spirit in you. Nothing has gone wrong, they are just experiencing life and the ongoing challenge of staying connected to the Energy Source regardless of what they are experiencing. Many theologians speculate that the glory of God was the source of the light mentioned before the creation of the sun and moon in Genesis (see Genesis).

These sub-levels of Source consciousness that remain the Source create their own constructs. The source is a MULTILEVEL AND MULTITHREADED COMPOSITE CONSCIOUSNESS and is structured as a branched tree. Until their thoughts take them out of the moment, their hunger or bodily discomfort diverts their attention away from the Source and brings them to the subject that does not feel the same as the Energy of the Source. The source is the highest possible frequency of consciousness; the Source is by no means perfect or complete; it is in continuous search for experiences in which it can expand its consciousness.

It feels complete and complete and is connected to the Universe or Source Consciousness and to all other energies.

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