What is the source of souls?

According to the creationism of the soul, God creates each individual soul directly, either at the time of conception or at some later time. According to Traducianism, the soul comes from parents by natural generation. According to the theory of pre-existence, the soul exists before the moment of conception. It is an energy field that goes through everything like a life force.

The source can be considered as a continuous and infinite ocean of energy that includes everything that exists, and always is and always was. Each of us has a soul, the true part in each of us that is connected to the Source of everything. Souls come to the material world from our true House of the Spirit to have the experience of being separated from God. The moment souls reach this material existence, they begin their journey back home, life after life.

This journey is driven by a deep yearning to end this cycle of birth and death and to reunite with God, the Source. It feels complete and complete and is connected to the Universe or Source Consciousness and to all other energies. It is the aspect of the Source that connects your physical human form with the larger, ephemeral and more energetic field that is everything. To understand the Source, the Spirit and the Soul, consider the idea of the Source as the whole and the Spirit and the Soul as aspects or parts of the Source.

The source can also be called Consciousness, Universe, Field, Energy, Life Force, Source Consciousness, Source, Energy, Prana, God, the Mind of God or even Spirit.

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