Who is source energy?

Source Energy is a complete logistics service provider. With operations throughout Western Canada, Source Energy is well-connected in terms of networks, resources and expertise in managing the transportation and storage of well shoring and completion chemicals. Holly Hughes, an energy healer based in Matthews, describes the energy source as an external source of God, goddess, divine, universe, etc. These sources of higher power vary and can resonate differently in individuals, Hughes explains.

There are no two people, their experiences or beliefs are identical, so it is important to keep this in mind as one gradually enters the world of healing practices. Intuitive healers listen deeply to receive guidance from these external sources on what we may need to remove blockages, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual for optimal healing. The EPA has determined that the energy source is the most equitable evaluation unit for comparing different buildings with each other. The energy source represents the total amount of crude fuel needed to operate the building.

It incorporates all transmission, delivery and production losses. By taking into account all energy use, the score provides a comprehensive assessment of a building's energy efficiency. Non-renewable sources began to replace most of the use of renewable energy in the United States in the early 19th century, and in the early 20th century, fossil fuels were the main sources of energy. The use of biomass to heat homes continued to be a source of energy, but mainly in rural areas and as supplementary heat in urban areas.

Peter Levine's “Somatic Experimentation”, a method that I incorporate into targeting, which transforms the energy of trauma in the body into source energy. I have found a kind of broadband connectivity of the spirit, which can address any problem, to link me to what I have slowly come to know as “The Source. Nuclear energy is produced from uranium, a non-renewable energy source whose atoms are divided (through a process called nuclear fission) to create heat and, eventually, electricity. When any form of primary or secondary energy is consumed on site, energy source calculations take into account losses incurred in the production, transmission and delivery of that energy to the building.

This comprehensive white paper provides details on the distinction between site and source energy and the value of performing source energy comparisons. When you are constantly running, it is often difficult to notice when you have moments of connection with the power source. It is important to maintain, harbor and trust the connection established for the energy source to maintain this loving relationship with the spirit vibrant and alive.

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